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Unlimited Digital Reproductions
Acesso a Plug-In Adobe Premium

Perguntas Frequentes

What is the difference between Standard content and Pro content?
Videezy Standard content is free content that is available to be downloaded for personal, educational and editorial use. If you would like to use Videezy Standard commercially or do not wish to give attribution, you must purchase a Commercial Use license with credits. Videezy Pro content is our professional library of 4k/1080P stock footage that must be purchased with credits. This footage includes 4k studio content with diverse, professional actors, as well as high-quality After Effects Templates. Our templates allow you to choose from openers, logo stings, and titles.
What are Credits and why do I need to buy them?
Credits allow you to purchase from our library of Pro content as well as purchase a Non-attribution or Commercial Use License for Standard content. The more you buy, the less they cost. They don’t expire as long as you sign into your account at least once a year. Having at least one credit in your account will also give you access to our Adobe Premier Plug-in and no ads.
What if I change my mind?
We'll gladly refund credit pack purchases made within 14 days of your purchase date, provided you haven’t used any credits from the credit pack.
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