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Frazer MacDonald

Hi, I'm Frazer, a Motion Designer and film maker for the company Onlight Media.

I live and work in the UK but I have the drive to travel around the world, and eventually move to Australia to set up a studio for Onlight Media, which is a small business that focuses in motion design, film making and photography.

My work allows me to meet some interesting people from all over the world, from Germany to Canada. My work started when I was fairly young, about when I was 13 years old, I was dabbling in the Adobe Creative Suite and started playing with some of the video software included, I took a few tutorials online and five years later I run a business specialising in it.

Since then I've wanted to get into filmmaking, during college I grabbed every chance I could to create an interesting concept and really work into it, I put my heart and soul into the pieces and it definitely shows, the same goes for my work. I'm still producing work, along with my friends and co-workers Rob Lamber and Alice Walters. Rob and I throw ideas around often, coming up with fun and exciting storylines and we write them down if they become deep enough.

I work freelance and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Director and head honcho at Onlight Media

  • Rain_window_final
    Gotas de chuva batendo na janela do carro
  • Mvi_4015
    Gotas de chuva batendo um espelho de asa de carro
  • Gate_color
    Gotas de chuva em um portão de madeira velha
  • Floor_final
    Gotas de chuva batendo no chão de tijolos de pedra
  • Cloud_final
    Única nuvem de chuva zangada

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